Its UP 2U!

I ask you this question with sincerity, is it up 2u?? or is it up to them? all those people who held you back and told you that you dont have what it takes to be successful, or you are not good enough , pretty enough or smart enough?.

Did you believe them, did you swallow their poison pill of self doubt, manipulation and fear, did you bring it into your own life and act according to their beliefs?? If so its time to take back your power and realise that the person who sold you this advice put a spell on you and as soon as you believed what they said their nightmare became yours, does this ring a bell?

If so today is your lucky day, lets make a conscious decision to refuse to listen to negative , aggressive talk from anyone including yourself, instead talk about your strenghts and celebrate your gifts every day and believe me this will help break the spells from the past.

“scars remind us were we have been,they dont have to dictate were we are going”


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