Want to be even more confident & successful?  Most confident people know how to cope with stressful situations.

They are optimistic, mindful and have a high degree of self efficacy. One major behaviour these people have in common is their resilience. This means that when faced with adversity or a challenge, they redouble their efforts and bounce back even more smarter and stronger than before.

Goalgetters in association with Business Coaches at Set4Life are delivering a 6 step resilience programme grounded in positive psychology and mindfulness.  This will aim to boost your resilience, self esteem and emotional intelligence.

Six Saturday Mornings 10am-12pm, 2 hour modules, 121 coaching and practical behaviour changing tools.

No more self sabotage….. book today and change your life.

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Its UP 2U!

I ask you this question with sincerity, is it up 2u?? or is it up to them? all those people who held you back and told you that you dont have what it takes to be successful, or you are not good enough , pretty enough or smart enough?.

Did you believe them, did you swallow their poison pill of self doubt, manipulation and fear, did you bring it into your own life and act according to their beliefs?? If so its time to take back your power and realise that the person who sold you this advice put a spell on you and as soon as you believed what they said their nightmare became yours, does this ring a bell?

If so today is your lucky day, lets make a conscious decision to refuse to listen to negative , aggressive talk from anyone including yourself, instead talk about your strenghts and celebrate your gifts every day and believe me this will help break the spells from the past.

“scars remind us were we have been,they dont have to dictate were we are going”


Our mood is always influenced by our thoughts

Today is going to be a fantastic day full of wonder and miracles!

“The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood” – Voltaire

It’s easy to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You get up, stub your toe and make a decision that today is not going to be a good day. In fact, it’s going to utter pants.

From that point on your day goes down the plug hole in a spiral of negativity, defeat and grumpiness. You’ve turned in to the person everyone avoids at the water cooler and the cloud of negativity hovering above your head is getting darker by the minute.

As far as you are concerned, the day is wasted. One of your internal narrators (that pesky Gremlin always loves to kick you when you’re down ) condones your behaviour by telling you to “go on, revel in the negativity, you’ve come this far. Indulge yourself!” The effort to pull yourself out of this mood seems Herculean so you give in and let the black mood to continue to pour over you (and any poor soul who should come in contact with you).

Doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it?

Let’s look at a different scenario:

You wake up and stub your toe. You say to yourself that you’re not going to let this affect your mood, after all, it could happen to anyone, no big deal. Let it go.

You make a decision to change your thoughts to a more positive frequency, and go on your merry way. Your day hasn’t been affected by it, and neither has Joe the water cooler guy. Joe, and any anyone else you meet, has instead been treated to the pleasure of your positivity and happiness, and have left feeling just that wee bit better with their day.

A much prettier picture. I choose this one, thank you very much!

Our thoughts can be changed. When you hear your Gremlin spitting out a negative thought, brush him off your shoulder and make a conscious effort to change the thought to a positive one. When the next negative thought sneaks it’s way in, change the thought to a positive one again….and again…and again…..

The more room taken up by positive thoughts the less room there is for negative ones.

PS Voltaire was born in 1694 so this is nothing new!

Have a great day!



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