About Us

Goalgetters aim is to help young people and adults develop and embrace positive change. We strive to help you understand how to implement behaviours which will build your self efficacy, self esteem and confidence. By applying the skills and knowledge we teach, you will become more resilient to adversity and (with practice) this will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life!  We are based in Dublin and Kildare, Ireland.

Who we are:

Adrianna Mannix
As a life coach and trainer, I specialise in helping others become the best version of themselves. Through a process of inspiring others with my own challenges and victories, I engage an open and trusting environment and connection that inspires others to grow.

My passion is helping others become their own superhero by challenging self limiting beliefs and empowering their greater selves.


Key strenghts include:

Cognitive Behavioural Theraphy

Nutrition and body management

Positive Psychology {Mind, Body and Soul}

Resilience and confidence building.

Motivational Interviewing.



Brian Mulvanybrian pic
Qualified personal trainer, obesity practitioner and sports nutritionist specialising in health and wellness behaviour and motivational interviewing.

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