School Testimonials

Adrianna recently carried out our 3-day course on Obesity Prevention and Building Self Efficacy with a Secondary School in Dundalk. The course was very well received and the students provided some excellent and really useful feedback. The main learning outcomes that came from these sessions are detailed below:

  1. To have the knowledge of what a balanced diet consists of.
  2. The importance of water in relation to good health.
  3. How self worth is not determined by your weight.
  4. Why sleep is essential to a healthy person.
  5. How to raise your happy hormones naturally through exercise/balanced diet.
  6. The benefits of exercise both physically and mentally.
  7. How to overcome ANTS…Automatic negative thoughts.
  8. How to incorporate cognitive behavioural strategies to help with negative thinking, thus reducing stress levels.
  9. How to be more optimistic, enjoying the present rather than worrying about the past or the future.
  10. How to be more resilient in difficult times and situations.
  11. How to incorporate mindfulness meditation in to our day to day activities to create calmness and clarity in everyday events.

“Words do not do justice as to how highly I think of this course.”
– TY Co-Ordinator, Dundalk

Our students have gained so much from taking part in this course. I am TY coordinator for the last fours years and I have regular work shop arranged for our students. This was by far the best yet. The whole issue of healthy eating along with positive mental health is paramount to all of us, especially teenagers. Words do not do justice as to how highly I think of this course.
– Teacher/TY Co-Ordinator, Dundalk.