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The Mindfulness and Well Being Course we teach is a 2 day course, where we practice various mindfulness techniques and discuss different topics, such as Automatic Negative Thoughts, Fear, Change, Building Self Efficacy etc. Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are used together with Mindfulness to ensure each individual gains as much as possible during this course. We also cover the importance of Nutrition and Exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage groups to discuss their own experiences in a confidential and informal environment, and would usually keep the groups to a maximum of 15 people (we can be flexible on this). Class Notes and a Mindfulness CD are provided to each individual to ensure that they are equipped in following up the practices at home.

Please note, the course content can be altered to be specific to your requirements – contact us for more information.

Course Cost for 2 full days – €800 per person